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Monday - Thurs: 8:00 - 4:00 pm.

Providing counseling services for Military Veterans at no cost at my Colorado Springs office. In addition to individual therapy, couples therapy may also be provided. The best therapy for trauma is Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing (EMDR) that is provided by Jana. She is trained in advanced uses and has extensive experience working with Vets from all branches. Other type therapy utilized are Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Substance Use Therapies, Mindfulness and more. Services are all confidential and are not connected to the VA. Some Vets have asked for records to be shared with the VA, and that can be accomplished by simply requesting this. 

If you are a Vet click on the blue button above For Military Veterans and complete the short questionnaire and Jana will be in contact you within 24 hours. 

Services are paid for by Project Head Strong, a non-profit that is dedicated to providing help to our American Veterans. Visit for more information.

What if I never deployed? Not a problem, you may still utilize the services.

What if I have never used the VA? No problem, we are not a part of the VA system.

What if you had a discharge other than honorable? Still complete the form, you may still be able to qualify for counseling.

How do I get started? Taking the first step is contacting Jana by either completing the form under "For Military Veterans" or call or text Jana directly at 719-400-8578. Her office is just off I 24 in Colorado Springs.

What if I was Coast Guard or Reserve? Not a problem, you are a vital part of our military!

We all face difficulties in life from time to time.  Sometimes, we find the strength to cope and to resolve things on our own.  Other times, we need someone else to come alongside us, to walk with us as we face the challenges of life, to help us build our strength and resources to more effectively move forwards towards finding the solutions we seek.  Counseling can help in this process.  I encourage you to explore this website, to find out what help and support you can receive here. 

Jana Deardorff provides mental health services for adolescents and adults in a secure and comforting private setting. Psychotherapy interventions are utilized for treatment of depression, anxiety, grief and loss, trauma, adolescent difficulties, life adjustment concerns, and other issues that get in the way of personal and emotional growth and happiness.

Counseling provides a safe lap, free of judgment that gives clients a process that will underscore the core issue that is troubling them. My approach is one of health rather than pathology. Strengths, resources, and competencies are encouraged along with using what is RIGHT to heal what is wrong.


Second Floor of the Muhr Building

Counseling Psychology

If you are a Military Veteran and is interesting in learning more about therapy at no cost to you please click on the blue button to the left. Or if you would like to talk to Jana directly call 719-400-8578.


Jana Deardorff MA, LPC, NCC, MAC

1843 Austin Bluffs Parkway

Colorado Springs, Colorado